The FIGHT AIDS CUP is back in Monaco !

On January 24, at 6.30 p.m., the Louis II Stadium will be the scene, for the second time, of a charity match between the team of Prince Albert II, the “Barbagiuans”, against that of Princess Stéphanie, the Circus FC. A meeting which will be in aid of the association fighting against HIV, FIGHT AIDS Monaco.

In January 2022 at the Stade Louis II will be celebrated the second Fight Aids Cup. Copyright: Mandoga Media

Building on the success of the first edition two years ago, the organizers decided to ride
the wave to definitely make this event a must in the Monegasque sporting landscape. And
for good reason… the various personalities of the round ball, which will again constitute
(in large part) the two formations this year, should largely satisfy the public present to
attend this beautiful meeting. “In the first years after the creation of this match, only our
team was reinforced by former professional players, we had to allow Circus FC to do the
same, in order to attract more public, sponsors… This year again , the legends of football
have again responded present, in both formations. We have the unconditional support of
all these players and especially Sébastien Frey, captain of Circus Fc, who facilitated the
arrival of some of these friends. We are delighted», declares Louis Ducruet, president of
« Barbagiuans ». The evening, hosted by former BEIN SPORTS journalist (among others)
Alexandre Ruiz, will therefore be an opportunity for fans to review some of the glories of
local and international football, in both a sporting and charitable context.
BARBAGIUANS VS CIRCUS FC, a historical meeting that became FIGHT AIDS CUP
After making this team official (which has existed for more than 40 years, created by
Prince Albert II), Louis Ducruet aimed to give new impetus to the historic meeting of the
“Barbagiuans” against Circus FC, by renaming it FIGHT AIDS CUP. A coherent project
which, once again, makes it possible to establish a direct link between sport and
charitable values. „With my partner Romain Goiran (who is a child of the Barbagiuans), we
decided to formalize this match to help my mother’s association, FIGHT AIDS MONACO.
When this event took place at the Cap’ail stadium, on the sly with the Circus festival, big
names in football were already invited. We found it a shame not to share the potential of
such a sporting event with charity, „continues Louis Ducruet. In view of the proposed cast
and the resources deployed, the objectives of Prince Albert II’s nephew, at the dawn of
the event, are clear. “We hope that the evening will be an overall success, with a doubly
important public mobilization compared to 2020. This will generate benefits doubled for
FIGHT AIDS MONACO. This is our greatest wish. »

crédit photo : Barbagiuans

World famous players present
In addition to the stars already invited in 2020 and again in the „Barbagiuans“ team this
year, such as the French manager Didier Deschamps, other legends will come to
contribute to the edifice. Among them, the former number 6 of the France team, Youri
Djorkaeff. 1998 world champion and 2000 European champion in particular, he was
among those who will try to allow the „Barbagiuans“ to find their way back to victory,
after the loss on penalties conceded two years ago. Despite this, the competitor he is
stays aware that the challenges of the FIGHT AIDS CUP go well beyond the field. « It’s
important that legends come together to give momentum and strength to this association.
Each of the people present for this event must make a contribution to the edifice, the
public, the players, the partners … in order to put forward a beautiful message of support
and solidarity, „he said. The one we usually call „the Snake“ adds. „We know the power of
football, the impact it can have on social issues or for this kind of cause.
Athletes have become ambassadors, they must use this notoriety to send the right
messages. »
Louis Ducruet’s new charity project is called: Barbagiuans of Monaco. Copyright: Mandoga Media

Former player for the principality’s club in particular, he is now very proud to join the
„Barbagiuans“ team of Prince Albert II, with whom he has enjoyed very good relations
since his time in Monaco. „I’ve always had a very good relationship with Prince Albert II,
he’s someone I really appreciate. I was 21 when I was in Monaco, he was often with us in
the locker room to encourage us. Today, I am one of those who represent the team he
created himself … It is a source of pride, I feel like I am in the logical next step. For this, as
for the association, it was important for me to respond present. “
This game is also an opportunity for him to see players he met during his professional
career, with whom he has shared indescribable emotions, especially on a global scale. A
reunion on the ground, a few years later, in a completely different context. „It’s a pleasure
that is already starting in the locker room, it will have fun, laughter … the first steps on the
pitch, the first movements, the warm-up … touch up the ball. There is always the little
thing that unites all the old-timers, that spark of someone who has known the high level.
With some of my team members, we have lasting memories, which is also why it is nice to
meet again. And then … I would be happy to score a goal at the Louis II stadium, I have
that in the back of my mind. «
Personalities such as Monegasque Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc or one of Prince
Albert II’s nephews, Pierre Casiraghi, will also be on hand, to complete a squad that
already looks great.
Sport at the service of charitable values
As the name suggests, the FIGHT AIDS CUP will once again be an opportunity to put a
major spotlight on the HIV association, FIGHT AIDS Monaco. Founded by HSH Princess
Stéphanie in 2004, the group seeks in particular to be present daily alongside those who
are suffering and who feel the need to be support. At the end of this evening combining
spectacle, talent and conviviality, the profits collected by the „Barbagiuans“ will be
entirely donated to FIGHT AIDS Monaco (entry will be free for children under 12, 5 € for
young people from 12 to 18 years old and 10 € will be requested for adults). Beyond this
financial contribution, the event represents above all an opportunity to raise awareness
participants and the public to a cause that concerns us all. “This original idea by Louis
Ducruet was an honor for us. It’s wonderful to see our name linked to such a sporting
event, the FIGHT AIDS CUP. Associating sport with this struggle is a strong testimony of
support for people living with AIDS. Above all, this is a unique moment to send a
prevention message, „says Hervé Aeschbach, coordinator of the FIGHT AIDS Monaco
association. He adds: “The participation of these football celebrities in this match
demonstrates their availability to fight HIV and their solidarity around LL.AA.SS. Prince
Albert II and Princess Stéphanie. Their presence will greatly help to touch their fans on the
humanist values defended by this beautiful evening. »
Louis Ducruet, President of „Barbagiuans of Monaco“ always likes to welcome famous Football Stars, like here Samuel Eto´o. Copyright: Mandoga Media

The “Barbagiuans of Monaco” are counting on your mobilization to support the fight
against HIV, through your presence at the second edition of the FIGHT AIDS CUP, at
the Louis II stadium. An evening where sport, conviviality and a good cause will go
hand in hand …
Also HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Louis Ducruet are keen to support the FIGHT AIDS CUP 2022. Copyright: Mandoga Media