Monaco: The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses in the famous Hotel de Paris

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Monaco hosts the biggest event of the summer season on the eve of the 60th Monte-Carlo Television Festival:

The Principality will bring a very special touch to its guests on June 17 in the face of exciting performances, artistic entertainment, a exquisite dining, haunting melodies and an aura of incomparable splendor.

The majestic event „The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses” will unveil its beauty and magic at the eve of the 60th Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

Preparations are underway, with enthusiasm and energy. Placed under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco, the event
will take place on June 17, 2021, at the Hôtel de Paris.

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The main objective of this great event is to create a royal atmosphere, in which the participants with the spirit of princes and princesses happily step away from everyday life to enter into the fantasies of fables and mystical dreams.

The prestigious guests of the evening will swirl with their partners while the atmosphere will create a royal fantasy aura. Guests will have the opportunity to
rub shoulders with members of royalty, personalities and stars of the big screen who will make their unforgettable evening.

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Delia Grace Noble, opera singer and ambassador of UNICEF, is the artistic director of this unmissable event in the Principality.
The Bal des Princes et des Princesses is also a charity event; part of the funds raised during the gala will be donated to the Prince Albert II Foundation
of Monaco, as well as to the Princess Grace Foundation.

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