From September 8 to October 28, Casino Barrière Menton transforms the trial into inviting the Rugby Club Menton Webb Ellis to its walls on the occasion of the Rugby World Cup. A new desire to honor the actors of the local territory.

From left to right: Alexis Gouttenoire (Co-director La Mentounasc), Jean-Baptiste Martini (Administrative President of the Rugby Club Menton Webb Ellis), Laurence Botcazou (Marketing Director of Casino Barrière Menton), Rémi Guignot (Co-manager of La Mentounasc), Julien Repiquet (Sports President of Rugby Club Menton Webb Ellis), Anthony Lari (Co-manager of La Mentounasc). Copyright: Casino Barriere Menton

For almost 2 months, the Café des Sports brings together lovers of the oval ball.
All matches are broadcast on its giant 9m2 screen. Festive Decoration, a selfie terminal, emotianal photocalls and waiters in rugby jerseys go further to strengthen the immersion in the world of Rugby.
A „Buffet-Stop“ Pack, 100% local for €15:
To enhance the broadcast of matches, Casino Barrière Menton has designed the Pack “Buffet Stop” for €15.
It offers a generous homemade burger & fries (classic or breaded chicken), fish & chips or homemade lasagna.
But above all it allows you to taste the beer of the Rugby Club Menton, “L’Ovaline”, made with passion by the „Brasserie Mentounasc“.
Asked by the Casino Barrière Menton to serve this „Mentonaise“ lemon beer on the table,
the Rugby Club immediately gave its agreement for the Ovaline beer, to leave the premises oft he Club.
This is a first puplic Appearance in Menton since it is, to date, not sold in Public.
The “Buff tStop” pack finishes with the “Le Caramel”, made especially for the World Cup by the talented pastry chef „Paci of Nice“.
3rd half on October 6:
After the Match France vs. Italy, Guests can head to another playing field for a special after party of the 80s by DJ Kriss.
A helping hand to the Menton Webb Ellis Rugby Club:
To help promote the Menton Webb Ellis Rugby Club, the Casino is providing a Display Case during the World Cup, provides also prizes for the raffle which takes place during the Cup and highlights the Webb Ellis Tour on all its communication Channels.
Ovaline beer will also be on sale in the form of boxes of 6 bottles at the Casino at the price of 30€.