The Helfrich family wineries at the TFWA World Exhibition 2022 in Cannes

The Alsatian Joseph Helfrich founded the Les Garnds Chais de France group in 1979. Today Joseph Helfrich is one of the most influential wine entrepreneurs in France.

Laurence and Frederic Helfrich from the Helfrich Family Wineyards at TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes. Copyright: Mandoga Media
Laurence und Frederic Helfrich vom Weingut der Famille Helfrich auf der TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes. Copyright: Mandoga Media

The Helfrich family has wine brands distributed worldwide as well as numerous wineries from Alsace to Burgundy, Rhône to Languedoc-Roussillon and from the Loire to Bordeaux.

A varied and prestigious collection at the same time. Copyright: Helfrich Family Wines

At the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes, the Helfrich family were presenting their delicious wines to the entire duty free and travel retail industry.
Flight passengers can enjoy the wines in business and first class, for example.
A varied and prestigious collection made by „Famille Helfrich“ was presented at TFWA in Cannes. Copyright: Mandoga Media

One of the fine Wines presented during TFWA Cannes 2022 was the „Helfrich Crémant d’Alsace“: The wine is made through traditional methods, beginning by manually harvesting the grapes. Before aging on fine lees for three months, the winemakers carry out an alcoholic fermentation under controlled temperatures.
The wine is then bottled for its second alcoholic fermentation, called “prise de mousse”. This process of aging on lees for 24 months gives the wine its effervescence.
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Networking and a good Glass of Wine or a Cocktail was keen at the „Famille Helfrich“ Yacht during TFWA 2022 in Cannes. Copyright: Mandoga Media

A propros „Famille Helfrich“: Alsatian wines have centuries of tradition behind them, and the Helfrich family is descended from a long line of Alsatians.
For the past three generations the family has been prominent in the wine and spirits business in northern Alsace.
Grand-father, René begun producing classic Alsatian products, such as homemade fruit brandies like Kirschwasser, Schnaps, plum white brandy, and classic Alsatian varietal wines.