Overview of the actions and new features of the Menton Tourist Office

During the winter, the Menton, Riviera & Merveille Tourist Office mobilized its vital forces to imagine and implement novelties and communication actions aimed at promoting the destination, to raise awareness of the Menton, Riviera & Merveilles brand

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→ New edition of the destination magazine
On the program this year, a cover by Eric Garence, followed by the manifesto of the „Vrai Pays
des Merveilles” which anchors the destination. Thereafter, 76 pages treated by topic but not
only. To discover, the favourites, good addresses and tips from the Tourist Office, everything
is there to live a wonderful experience in the Menton, Riviera & Merveilles area! the
magazine, in 20 x 26 cm format, was published in 28,000 copies. It is available in French, English,
Italian but also for the very first time, in German!

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→ Create your personalized tourist itinerary with the My Vizito Menton Riviera App
This App, which can be downloaded for free, creates your personalized itinerary in the Menton area,
Riviera & Merveilles, according to your profile and your demands of interest, and even helps you to
book your activity or find a parking Space. A real „pocket tourist guide“, usable 24 hours a day!
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→The hiking circuits enhanced thanks to the Cirkwi App
The Cirkwi application allows lovers of nature walks to discover no less than 150
new routes. To search for a circuit, simply go to the reception area and indicate
a place name, or even the type of activity sought, and validate. With Cirkwi, it is possible to save, print and store your tracks, and even add photos and
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→ The new game My Explore Bag to discover the territory differently
My Explore Bag, an outdoor discovery activity, reinvents visiting a destination by integrating
a playful dimension. Equipped with a backpack containing exploration accessories and a
application, participants set off to discover the destination by taking up challenges spread over
many points of interest. To participate, all you have to do is rent a backpack at the different points
destination tourist information. A must for families, available mid-July in
the 8 tourist information offices of the destination!
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→ Digital campaign in conjunction with the Chilowé media
In the same vein, a national digital campaign is currently taking place, and has been for 1 month on
social networks (Instagram and Facebook) relayed by the media and creator of adventures “close to
at home, off the beaten track and with a low carbon impact” Chilowé. His target? families and athletes
aged 30-45 from the Ile de France who are looking to escape to France and take the time to
travel. The campaign refers to a Chilowé – Menton, Riviera & Merveilles “landing page”, where
can download the „Wonderful Adventures Guide“ for free. On the program, 5 ideas of
micro-adventures: 4 days of walking in the Vallée des Merveilles, around the Authion plateau in
mountain biking, the descent of the Audin canyon with the family and the discovery of Menton by bike and paddle. What
will be yours?
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Other Summer Activities include:

• Concert Keziah Jones – Festival des Merveilles: Keziah Jones will be in Tende and will perform,
among others, his new album “Rugged Covers”. An evening that promises to be exceptional!

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• Jardin Boccanegra: finally open to visitors, this private garden located on the Franco-Italian border
and hidden by high walls, has 4 and a half hectares of exotic and luxuriant nature.
An exceptional visit!
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• Picnic at the lemon farm: enjoy a picnic of Menton specialties
revisited with Citron de Menton IGP and from the estate, planted with lemon trees and others
citrus. Enjoy your lunch !
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• Baroque escapades: these escapades cross the territory of Menton, Riviera & Merveilles and
propose to discover and rediscover the Baroque heritage, this immense wealth at the heart
valleys. On the program, experiential guided tours, day and night.
Welcome to the other side of the decor!
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• Sea trip: leave by boat from the port of Menton and follow the coast to reach a
small cove with crystal clear waters, where you can escape for a swim and
of a picnic. Refreshing!
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• Via ferrata of the Counts Lascaris: located above the medieval village of Tende, this via
aerial ferrata is an ideal course for an initiation, supervised by a professional, with
rope bridges, footbridge and zip line. Something to wake up your summer!
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• Canyoning: the Audin stream, in the Roya valley, is an ideal canyon for exploring
of the activity. On the program, jumps, slides and banked passages, to be done at your own pace. A
ideal activity for families.
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• Guided village tours and excursions: enjoy a guided tour of Tende, La Brigue,
Castellar and Sospel or a day trip from Menton to the villages of
Tende & La Brigue, Castellar & Castillon, Breil-sur-Roya & Saorge and Sospel. Welcome to the True
Wonderland !
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