XTURISMO Limited Edition at Top Marques Monaco: the world’s first practical hoverbike

A.L.I. Technologies Inc. announces that the XTURISMO Limited Edition - the world's first practical hoverbike - was launched at the Top Marques Monaco Supercar Show

Although not yet approved for public use and limited to circuit practice, the XTURISMO Limited Edition is already positioned as the new icon of the next generation of air mobility; for "those who seek new frontiers of travel". Copyright: Mandoga Media

In development since 2017 by A.L.I. Technologies Inc., XTURISMO Limited Edition is born from
the desire to offer a new experience and unparalleled sensations of moving through the air.
With its hybrid propeller propulsion system consisting of a combustion engine and four electric
motors, the XTURISMO Limited Edition is able to fly 40 minutes, and up to 100 km/h.