The former Formula 1 driver Thierry Boutsen with his Company Boutsen Classic Cars at Top Marques Monaco

A very innovative and sustainable way to preserve Automobiles and Nature: The electric classic quintessenza

Top Marques Monaco Supercar Show at the Grimaldi Forum. Copyright: Mandoga Media

Thierry Boutsen, Motorsport Expert and former F1 Driver, was present with his Company Boutsen Classic Cars at the Top Marques Monaco Supercar Show at the Grimaldi Forum.

Thierry Boutsen, Owner of Boutsen Classic Cars and belgian former Formula One Driver and the electric Quintessenza SE (Porsche 911 based). Copyright: Mandoga Media

We spoke with Jürgen from Voitures extravert the Netherlands on the Boutsen Classic Cars Stand, and he gave us some interesting Details regarding this very innovative Automobile:
„We do not work with second hand parts, such as crashed Tesla motors or Leaf battery cells, like so many. All our components are new and automotive grade. This is the only way to be able to give support and guarantees to the customer. We source our components worldwide, from Asia, to Europe and the United States.“
Top Marques Monaco Supercar Show with the Quintessenza SE (Porsche 911 based). Copyright: Mandoga Media

„By default, we always source our own donor vehicles in a small industrial business approach: we do not convert cars, we offer the completely new built electric classic quintessenza, a 911 based on the first 2 generations: the chrome sexy 60s or the more mature totally 80s. In order to cater for a highly predictable and repeatable small series production, we typically choose donor vehicles build in the years 1978 – 1983. In those years, Porsche dramatically increased the build quality of the 911, while maintaining the original structural dimensions of the late sixties cars. The cars produced in these years were already partly galvanised. We work with specialised suppliers who source both from the US (our blue 2019 quintessenza demonstrator is a 1983 911 SC from Florida) and from Europe.
Our production approach results in relatively short timelines, between 10-12 months from order to ready for delivery.“
The high-tech digital Cockpit and Classic Steering Wheel (what an innovative combination !!) of the Quintessenza SE (Porsche 911 based). Copyright: Mandoga Media

„We work with our team of German specialists who have highly experienced eyes for selecting excellent donors. Often, we choose to spend a few extra bucks to get an absolute top-donor, rather then performing the extra body work. The tradeoff between these options is always a fine line.
All cars are restored body off, including chemical uncoating, KTL treatment and epoxy priming, resulting in a better than new protection easily surviving many years ahead. In the end, this process ensures a stable and excellent quality donor supply, perfect for the predictable and repeatable small series production philosophy and the quality we strongly believe in.
We have engineered the entire drivetrain in house. It is designed preventively and we made sure that as much as possible, problems can be solved via software. If a component really breaks down, and it needs to be replaced, we always have new spare parts available (for example, we always keep spare batteries from the same production run for every pack that we assemble). But as you can imagine, due to our size, we are much more like Ferrari when it comes to servicing parts, than we are like Porsche, with a service point on ‘every corner’. Therefore we do our utmost to prevent that from happening in the first place.“