TFWA 2021: Loacker – new logo, new packaging, new “biscuit products”, new responsible sourcing

Juan Cabrera, Head of Travel Retail, Loacker, reflects on “the very big re-launch of Loacker” since it was last able to exhibit at TFWA World Exhibition & Conference.

TFWA World Exhibition and Conference, The Duty Free and Travel Retail Global Summit. Loacker Wafers, Chocolates and Snacks Stand. Copyright: Mandoga Media

“We have a new logo, new packaging, new products, and even our chocolate is new as a result of the Loacker Cocoa Farming Program,” explains Cabrera.

Loacker’s Cocoa Farming Program is a strategy to ensure responsible social and environmental sourcing of Loacker’s cocoa from Côte d’Ivoire and Ecuador. According to the stated goals of the programme: “Compared to some other producers the fairly limited quantity of raw materials we purchase means we can devote ourselves to the individual communities and closely monitor each stage, building up close, long-term relationships.”

Besides these fundamental changes, one of the most important specific product developments that Loacker brings to Cannes this year is that for the first time it is showcasing a non-wafer-based product: the Loacker Nut Selection which centres on meringue biscuits. While the chocolate continues to come from the aforementioned equatorial climes, the hazelnuts come from Loacker’s “Italian Hazelnut Orchards” project: “We grow and select these precious fruits, supporting our farmers and the local economy.”

The shift has been well received this week with Cabrera reporting that “the move from purely confectionery to baking has had a good response from the delegates here in the Palais.”

TFWA World Exhibition and Conference. Copyright: Mandoga Media