Family in all its forms, generational conflicts, sex and female emancipation are the issues addressed in the comedies in competition and out of competition at the 18th edition of the Montecarlo Film Festival de la Comédie (31 May – 5 June), conceived and directed by Ezio Greggio. This year the hard task of judging the films is under the responsibility of the president of the Jury Raoul Bova, winner of the Special Nastro d’argento Award for 15 seconds, the French actress of Danish origin, winner of two César Awards as “Best Female Promise” for Games of Love and Chance and ad “Best Actress” for The Names of Love, Sara Forestier, Giacomo Ferrara (Suburra, Suburra: Blood on Rome, The Furlough), Mario de la Rosa, international star after the success the TV series Money Heist and the director and exceptional movie critic Mario Sesti.

The opening film of the Montecarlo Film Festival de la Comédie is the French film FAMILY SWAP (Le sens de la famille), directed by Jean-Patrick Benes. International preview of the Festival, in the family movie FAMILY SWAP each member of the family finds himself in the body of the others, thus having to deal with difficulties, feelings and needs of each others. In the cast Alexandra Lamy and Franck Dubosc.

Comedies from all over the world and 3 films directed by women are in competition: LADIES OF STEEL (Italian and French preview) directed by the Finnish actress Pamela Tola. The main characters of this unconventional road movie are three mature sisters who venture on a journey before the protagonist turns herself in, convinced that she has killed her husband, who has not made her life easy. A journey to rediscover her dreams as a girl. In the cast, Leena Uotila, Saara Pakkasvirta, Seela Sella.

The international premiere and debut film DEADLY CUTS directed by Rachel Carey (Ireland) tells of a group of women who, in order to keep their beauty salon alive, are willing to do anything and protect themselves by hugging in an embrace made of feminine complicity and great determination. In the cast, Victoria Smurfit, Angeline Ball.

The comedy HONEYMOOD (Italian and French preview) by director Talya Lavie comes from Israel. It is the story of a wedding night that is anything but conventional: between quarrels and misunderstandings, the spouses call into question the meaning of their marriage. In the cast, Avigail Harari and Ran Danker.

Another wedding in the plot of the Spanish film directed by Dani de la Orden: HASTA QUE LA BODA NOS SEPARE. Italian and French preview, the film tells of a marriage that „doesn’t have to be done“. Two former schoolmates with some unfinished business find themselves after many years united by the male protagonist, who will not be able to decide between the two. In the cast, Silvia Alonso, Álex García, Belén Cuesta, Adrián Lastra, Gracia Olayo.

The international preview of the film SENTIMENTAL directed by Catalan director Cesc Gay always comes from Spain. It is the story of two couples of neighbours who live their concept of family, their sex lives and couple dynamics in their own way. They do not know each other and yet they attract each other to the point of confessing unimaginable secrets. In the cast, Javier Cámara, Belén Cuesta, Alberto San Juan, Griselda Siciliani.

From Peru the film LAS MEJORES FAMILIAS directed by Javier Fuentes-León (French preview). The story tells of two families of the Peruvian bourgeoisie, neighbours and friends who have always hid secrets and gossiped around, worried more about them than the social tensions that exist outside their beautiful homes. In the cast, Gracia Olayo, Tatiana Astengo, Jely Reategui.


Two films that tell the story of „American families“ come directly from the USA. SWAN SONG by Todd Stephens is an international preview in which the told family is the one you choose and not the one you are born into.

Character actor Udo Kier plays an elderly gay hairdresser now retired who runs away from the retirement home for an indispensable mission: the last spectacular hairstyle for the diva and friend of yesteryear on the day of her funeral. This special client, loved and hated as a sister, is played by Linda Evans, who everyone will remember as Krystle Carrington in the 1980s series Dynasty.

Last film in competition, the cheeky feature film DINNER IN AMERICA a punk comedy directed by Adam Rehmeier.

The above mentioned film, an Italian and French premiere, talks about the search for their place in the world by two unconventional young people who escape the role that society imposes on them. This is the story of the redemption of two „misfits“ who find in each other the strength to assert their identity against a society frightened by diversity.

The film is produced by, among others, Ben Stiller. In the cast Emily Skeggs and Kyle Gallner.

Last but not least, out of competition, the closing film and the only Italian film on displays at the Kermesse is the hilarious BENVENUTI IN CASA ESPOSITO (World premiere) directed by Gianluca Ansanelli. A funny comedy that tells the tragicomic adventures of a Camorra family between misunderstandings and exciting situations. In the cast, Giovanni Esposito (Miracles are accepted, Too Neapolitan), Antonia Truppo (winner of 2 David di Donatello for Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot and Indivisibili) and Francesco Di Leva (The Mayor of Rione Sanità, Il Clan dei Camorristi).


The event has always been held under the High Patronage of S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco and the Embassy of Italy, in partnership with EFG Bank (Monaco) and Marlù Gioielli. Like last year, Radio Monte Carlo is the official Radio of the Festival.

THE 18th EDITION OF THE MONTECARLO FILM FESTIVAL DE LA COMÉDIE. From May 31st – 5th of June. Copyright: Mandoga Media