Formula1 announces plans for WeRaceAsOne in partnershipwith Global Citizen.

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Following the recent announcementthatthe WeRaceAsOne
initiative will become the official Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) platform for
Formula 1, in support of the #PurposeDriven Movementlaunched by the FIA last year, we are pleased to
announce plans for a new partnership with international advocacyorganisation Global Citizen to become a
charity partner of the WeRaceAsOne platform.

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WeRaceAsOne was launched in June last year ahead of our return to racing following the break in the
Championship due to COVID-19. On our return to racing, we wanted to show our determination to tackle
the major issues that we as a sport, but also society, are facing.These issues are important to the longerterm future of our sport – as outlined in the launchof the F1 Sustainability andDiversity & Inclusion
Strategies in 2019, but equallyhave a major impacton the communitieswe race in and countries around
the world. There are three pillars of focus for the platform: sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and
community. Progress has alreadybeen made on these pillars with more actions to be delivered in the
coming months and years.
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Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme
poverty by 2030. WeRaceAsOne priorities directly align with Global Citizen’s Recovery Plan for the World,
including the organisation’s commitment to the environment, equal opportunity, education and citizenship,
making them a perfect partner to help us to achieve our campaign goals. Formula 1 and Global Citizen are
excited about the prospect of working together to develop campaigns that mobilise audiences across the
globe, and the effort will support the delivery of our sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and community
goals through content, storytelling, action, rewards and impact.
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Through the Global Citizen platform, changemakers learn about the systemic issues facing the world, act
on those issues, and earn rewards for their actions as part of a global community committed to lasting change.To date, actions of the Global Citizen community, along with high-level advocacy efforts, have
resulted in commitments and policy announcements valued at $48.4 billion, affecting the lives of more
than 880 million people. During last year’s Global Citizen hosted campaigns, One World: Together at Home
and Global Goal: Unite for Our Future, the organisation mobilized over $1.5 billion in cash grants, with over
$1.1 billion being already disbursed. Over the coming season, Formula 1 and Global Citizen intend to
announce a series of actions that fans and communities can take part in, to ensure real impact and provide
a sustainable legacy, ensuring the future of the sport and the world we race in.
Stefano Domenicali, Presidentand CEO said:
“We are very excited at the prospectof partnering with the incredible team at Global Citizen, whose
passion and delivery of lasting positive change are perfectly alignedwith our focus at Formula 1 to leave a
positive impacton society, the environment and our sport. We’re proud of the WeRaceAsOne platform in
encouraging the community, F1 fanbase,and Global Citizen’s millions of engaged supporters to come
together to support positive change against the most important issues facing our sport, and the world.
While our commitmentto tackling issues of sustainability and diversity in our sport is important, it is our
actions that we’ll be judged on, and this long-term partnership will show our commitmentto deliveron our
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JeanTodt, President of the FIA, said:
“It is very encouraging to see this strong action undertakenby Formula 1 in partnering with Global Citizen.
Under the umbrella ofthe FIA #PurposeDriven movement – which centres around the four key pillars of
Health and Safety, Environment, Diversity & Inclusion, and Community Development– the WeRaceAsOne
initiative demonstrates the commitmentof the FIA Formula One World Championship to have a long-term
beneficial impactby engaging with its millions of fans on these topics. This partnership will increase the
positive impactof F1 on people’s lives.”
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Hugh Evans, Co-Founder and CEO of Global Citizen continued:
“Global Citizen is excited to partner with Formula 1 to inspire long-lasting change. ‘WeRaceAsOne’ is a
powerful example ofwhat partnership can produce and together we are committed to locking armswith
Formula 1 to advance meaningful work in areas of sustainability, inclusion and community.
Global ‘Recovery Planfor the World’ policy agenda focuses on collaboratingwith businesses like Formula 1,
governments, philanthropists, and athletes and entertainers to kickstart a globalrecovery.As part of the
‘WeRaceAsOne’ effort, we aim to have a positive impact on the world through sport.”
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