Formula 1: 2021 Bahrain Pre-season Test

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Pre-season testing was influenced by the local conditions. The first day was consistently windy with gusts that reached 47kph (25 knots), affecting the aerodynamics on the cars. As a result of the wind, there was plenty of sand on the track that compromised grip. Temperatures were also particularly high, so the combination of these factors led to some surface overheating and increased tyre degradation. On the second day the wind still remained but temperatures were lower, which reduced the overheating. As a result the teams had a better balance with their cars, with plenty of set up work carried out over generally short runs, as was the case on the opening day. The third and final day was run in better track conditions with moderate winds and a cool breeze but track temperatures similar to the first day. Many teams carried out long runs using the C2, C3 and C4 compound tyres nominated for the Bahrain Grand Prix.